VMEss gRPC is an unidentifiable mechanism that helps you bypass Websocket. The VMEss gRPC has multiple protocols over WebSocket to avoid both active/passive detection and ISP QoS limitations. VMEss gRPC VPN imitating the most common services and behave identically.

How to use VMEss gRPC for Free NET:
Please note that this trick can be used if your free net trick requires SNI/Bug Host
1. Download and install VMEss gRPC App (V2rayNG, ,Kitsunebi, NapsternetV or etc.)
2. Create your account at ServerSSH.info/VMEss gRPC GFW/GO and fill in SNI/Bug hostname there
3. Copy the configuration from the above step
4. Import the configuration to VMEss gRPC apps
5. Connect and Enjoy Free Net

Server Details
Hostname: uk-grpc.monxray.us
Location: United Kingdom
Protocol: Gun
Transport: gRPC
Port TLS: 443
Valid: 3 Days

What is V2Ray VMess ?

Project V is a set of tools to help you build your own privacy network over internet. The core of Project V, named V2Ray, is responsible for network protocols and communications. It can work alone, as well as combine with other tools. VMess is a protocol for encrypted communications. It includes both inbound and outbound proxy. VMess depends on system time. Please ensure that your system time is in sync with UTC time. Timezone doesn't matter. One may install ntp service on Linux to automatically adjust system time.


  • Multiple inbound/outbound proxies: one V2Ray instance supports in parallel multiple inbound and outbound protocols. Each protocol works independently.
  • Customizable routing: incoming traffic can be sent to different outbounds based on routing configuration. It is easy to route traffic by target region or domain.
  • Multiple protocols: V2Ray supports multiple protocols, including Socks, HTTP, Shadowsocks, VMess etc. Each protocol may have its own transport, such as TCP, mKCP, WebSocket etc.
  • Obfuscation: V2Ray has built in obfuscation to hide traffic in TLS, and can run in parallel with web servers.
  • Reverse proxy: General support of reverse proxy. Can be used to build tunnels to localhost.
  • Multiple platforms: V2Ray runs natively on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. There is also third party support on mobile.

How To Create An XRay VMess gRPC United Kingdom Account

To create an XRay VMess gRPC account location in United Kingdom you must fill the form, input your username and your password. For username min length 3 character, max length 12 characters alphanumeric. And for password min length 1 character, max length 12 character alphanumeric. Don't forget to complete the captcha challenge to ensure that you are not a robot, and then click the Create Account button.

You can use the XRay VMess gRPC United Kingdom account in Bitvise XRay VMess gRPC client on Windows, HTTP Custom, HTTP Injector, etc. on android.

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